hall of fame

Bar Mitzvah at the Basketball Hall of Fame

Client: Ben
Location: The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
About the Event: Ben loves everything about basketball. He is such a huge fan that his mitzvah took place in the Basketball Hall of Fame. We creatively added personal details to the space while still highlighting the amazing venue’s architecture. We resourced and custom made basketball leather pillows, a bar & “B” letters to accent the glow tables and lounge areas. On the adult side we created towering floral arrangements that looked like basketballs and placed them on LED cubes. The escort card display was custom made and each escort card was in the shape of a basketball jersey. Even the napkin rings were made out of basketball leather. The hoop wizard performed to the amazement of adults and kids alike. Guests got to tour the Hall of Fame while enjoying this spectacular party spread out over 3 floors!

Photographs courtesy of Lena Stein


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